Thursday, February 28, 2013

Support State Fire Sprinkler Legislation, Says Expert


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A 7-year-old boy and his 52-year-old stepfather died tragically in a house fire on the morning of Monday, Feb. 18 on Flanders' Main Street. The boy’s mother and nine year old sister survived the fire but with injuries. Authorities suspect an improperly altered space heater to be the cause of the fire and investigators reported that the home did not have working fire alarms.
The winter months tend to be the most deadly for residential fires with the increased use of fireplaces and home heating systems. I urge families to take the proper precautions to prevent potentially dangerous fire situations.
Currently, there is pending legislation in New Jersey, bill A1570 in the Assembly and Senate bill S2273, which would make it mandatory for all newly constructed one- and two-family homes as well as condominiums and townhomes to be equipped with fire sprinklers.  If passed, this legislation would help to reduce the devastating effects of fires like this one, and help protect New Jersey residents in the places where they should feel safest -- their homes. 
I urge you to check your smoke detectors and to educate yourselves on how fire sprinkler systems can provide your family the time needed to escape and protections against the dangers of fire. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.
David Kurasz, Exec. Director
NJ Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board
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