Friday, May 24, 2013

George Saadian Believes Residential Fire Sprinklers Just as Important as Commercial Ones

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The recent rash of fires in Ventura County and surrounding areas of Los Angeles underscored the importance of Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s domestic services.

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LOS ANGELESMay 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this month, fires related to severe weather conditions ravaged many Los Angeles-adjacent localities, including VenturaRiverside, and San Bernadino counties. The fires hit the hardest in Ventura County and led to portions of the Pacific Coast Highway being closed. While fortunately no injuries or deaths were reported, many homes were destroyed by the initially uncontrollable blaze. While residential sprinkler and fire alarm systems might not be sufficient to quell a blazing wildfire of this size, the recent rash of fires does show the need for proper defense from flames that can often be spread by inadequately protected neighboring homes. George Saadian , lead engineer and general manager of Los Angeles' Fire Protection Group, Inc., believes that home sprinkler systems and fire pumps not only save the property and lives of the inhabitants, but also help insulate the blaze, preventing it from affecting neighboring properties.
Most reports on residential fire safety systems (which can include sprinklers, smoke alarms, fire escape ladder structures, and more) stick to their life saving capabilities for the persons who live in the home. Protecting human life is, of course, the most important reason for a homeowner to install fire safety systems. However, many don't realize that home sprinkler systems are also good for the community at large. George Saadian and the Fire Protection Group, Inc. team passionately believe that home sprinkler systems are part of a homeowner's social responsibility.
Firstly, home sprinklers help protect lives of the firefighters who arrive on the scene. Sprinkler systems, when installed and designed properly by experts like the engineers at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can isolate, minimize, and sometimes even completely dispel a fire in the home. This makes the firefighter's job easier and safer. Similarly, the sprinklers isolate a fire within an area of the home, preventing the fire from spreading to neighboring houses and apartments. This stops the spread of a growing outbreak that can damage property, harm neighbors, and be even more of a threat to the firefighters tasked with stopping the inferno. This is just one reason why some state and local laws and homeowners associations require the installation of residential fire sprinklers in new construction products. Finally, home sprinkler systems have a broader environmental impact. Sprinkler systems use less water than fire hoses and, by preventing a wildfire, less chemicals and smoke are introduced into the air.
With over 200 years of experience in the fire safety industry, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can guarantee the efficiency of the projects they manage. Everything from design and manufacturing to installation and testing is performed by a member of the Fire Protection Group, Inc. staff and this allows them to keep costs at a competitive rate. Generally, the installation of home fire sprinkler systems cost between one and three dollars per square foot covered (which is less than the cost of carpeting), depending on if the project is a retrofit or for a new property. Specific quotes can be requested at any time from the Fire Protection Group, Inc. website at or by calling (888) 251-3488.
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