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Three Companies Achieve First Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation

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The Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) awarded three companies that successfully completed the beta test of the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation.  The accreditation program is modeled after the self-assessment accreditation of the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) which evaluates the performance of local fire departments.

The presentation of plaques took place during the CPSE annual Awards Dinner in conjunction with the Fire-Rescue International Conference in Chicago, on August 15, 2013.  Assisting with the presentation of the certificates were Buddy Dewar, Vice President of Regional Operations for the National Fire Sprinkler Association;  Steve Muncy, president, and Janet Knowles, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the American Fire Sprinkler Association; and Ron Piester, president and Bruce Johnson, Director of Fire Service Activities for the International Code Council.

The first three residential sprinkler installers to achieve accreditation are:
    â€¢    Fire Tech Systems Inc of Shreveport, Louisiana
    â€¢    Standard Automatic Fire Enterprises of College Station, Texas
    â€¢    U.S. Alliance Fire Protection of Lake Forest, Illinois

Ruben Grijalva, principal of Fire and former California State Fire Marshal chaired the Technical Development Committee that designed the forms and procedures for the program.  He summarizes the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation program as, "contributing to saving lives and property by assuring that the quality of installation of residential fire sprinklers in single family dwellings remains high.  Home buyers, as well as developers, need to rely on quality work from their contractors, especially when it comes to the life safety features of a home.  Contractors who receive this accreditation will benefit by being able to provide local fire department plan checkers and their customers with quality assurance based on a third-party nationally recognized process."
Accredited companies are evaluated in several categories:
    â€¢    Governance and Administration
    â€¢    Assessment, Planning, Goals
    â€¢    Services Provided
    â€¢    Physical Resources
    â€¢    Human Resources
    â€¢    Occupational Health and Safety/Risk Management
    â€¢    Employee Training
    â€¢    External Relationships

The Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation Program assures homeowners, state and local regulators and advocates for fire sprinklers in single-family dwelling structures that installations are completed by competent, professional companies who provide adequate training for installers and ensure the quality of their work.

CPSE's partner organizations, the National Fire Sprinkler Association and the American Fire Sprinkler Association will provide training for installation contractors and plumbers to support the training requirements of the program.

The Center for Public Safety Excellence Inc. (CPSE) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 1996 to award accreditation to fire and emergency service agencies and to pursue scientific research and education in the public interest.

The Center for Public Safety Excellence primary concentration is on its accreditation and credentialing models. The accreditation model identifies and maintains optimal levels of fire and emergency services for agencies. The credentialing model elevates and sustains the professional standards for those persons responsible for managing and delivering essential fire and emergency services.

The Center for Public Safety Excellence conducts workshops and publishes materials specifically designed to achieve and maintain a continuous path for quality improvement for both fire-related agencies and personnel. CPSE's Technical Advisor Program (TAP) helps the fire and emergency service community meet public expectations for achieving and measuring standards of effectiveness of delivering essential fire and emergency services.

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