Saturday, October 12, 2013

Benefits of Fire Sprinklers Demonstrated in Ware



Ware, Mass (WGGB)-The Ware Fire Department in cooperation with The National Fire Sprinkler Association put on a live demonstration today showing the benefits of residential sprinklers.  The demonstration took place earlier this afternoon at a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store on Palmer Road in Ware.  Residents were able to see a side by side demonstration of two rooms on fire, one with a sprinkler system, and one without.  Fire Chief Thomas Coulombe was at the demonstration and said, “We always do a great job reaching the kids in school during our safety program; It’s awfully hard to demonstrate why you want to do the stop drop and roll without any fear or any actual smoke”.  Chief Coulombe felt that the demonstration was a great opportunity to show kids and residents first hand why it’s important to stay low to the ground during a fire and how to protect yourself .  The demonstration was recorded by Palmer Local Access, and Chief Coulombe intends to show kids this demonstration during Fire Prevention Weeks.  For more information on The National Fire Sprinkler Association please visit

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